Activities Explorers Hotel

Are you ready for a new adventure? Come and have some fun at Explorers Hotel


Pirate ship

Take control of the decks, it’s you running the ship now! Aye Aye Captain! Just don’t forget to ask your parents - all aboard!

Scally Wagg’s Jungle Adventure

Calling all little pirates! Let the fun and games begin in the ball pool … but be careful it’s a jungle gym out there!

The Fitness Suite

Are you feeling over excited because you’re on holiday at one of the most fun places on the earth? Come and do some sport with us!

Plantation Restaurant

Want to be a grown up? Well you can at the Plantation restaurant! Serve yourself and go back as many times as you want at the self-service buffet!

Water Playground

I've just got to show you this!!! Come on - look at that water playground! On top of that you have a huge pirate’s ship to explorer and 3 slides to conquer! It’s great for having fun with your family. Watch out though that pirates a sneaky one, from time to time he lowers his head and soaks everyone!   Swimming suit in lycra for men and boys is compulsory. Bermuda, bathing trunks or other clothes are strictly forbidden. Closed for annual maintenance from the 23rd to the 27th of January 2017 (included) and on the 25th and 26th of September 2017

The Dragon

During his adventures Sir Archibald met a lot of different creatures and animals. Once he even fought a huge dragon, of course he won and brought the dragon back home with him as a trophy! Don’t forget to go and take a picture next to him – your friends will all think that you are a mighty warrior like Sir Archibald!
  • Children’s birthdays

    Looking to celebrate your child’s birthday in a fun environment with friends and family? If your child loves adventure, look no further than Explorers Hotel. We have everything you need to make your child’s dreams come true.