Family stay at Disneyland Paris: Discover Mickey and The Magician

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Family stay at Disneyland Paris: Discover the new show Mickey and the Magician

With Mickey and the Magician gaze in wonder as Mickey and friends master real magic in our spellbinding new show. An unforgettable moment during your family stay at Disneyland Paris!

Abracadabra and alakazam – dare to be dazzled by Mickey and the Magician, our breathtaking new show illuminating Animagique Theater in Walt Disney Studios® Park from 2nd July 2016 to 8th January 2017. Get ready to gasp as you follow Mickey on his quest to become a great magician. High above the rooftops, you’ll discover strange antiquities from distant lands before a troupe of Disney Characters, including Genie, Rafiki and Elsa, conjure up an array of incredible illusions. Brought to life by stunning scenery and special effects, this allsinging, all-dancing extravaganza is what real magic is made of.

A brand new show that you cannot miss during your family stay at Disneyland Paris

Uncover real magic before it vanishes forever. In front of your very eyes, incredible illusions are brought to life by spellbinding special effects, as Genie, Rafiki, Elsa, Lumière and the Fairy Godmother show Mickey that real magic has no limits – especially if you have belief, imagination and a heart full of love. With singing and dancing from Aladdin, The Lion King, Frozen and more, this is your chance to live the Disney dream like never before.

A few practical information

Show is taking place at Toon Studio, inside Walt Disney Studios®! Only a valid Park admission is required. The show lasts around 20 minutes and is for all ages: very young children, children, teens and grown-ups. 5 shows await you every day.

As a reminder: How do you go to Disneyland Paris from the Explorers Hotel?

You spend a family stay at Disneyland Paris? Choose the Explorers Hotel for its simple and practical access to the parks! To go to Disneyland Paris, there two simple solutions:  

  • Free shuttle buses. 
    All day long, from 6am till midnight, free shuttle buses run between the hotel and the parks, every 20 minutes (average depending on the time of the day). The bus stops right in front of the hotel and goes to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy train station, that is to say right at the entrance of the parks. 
    Did you also know that there are also free shuttles our disabled guests. You just need to ask for it at our Guest Services, near the reception and a shuttle will come and lead you to the parks 15/20 minutes later.

  • Use your personal car! 
    Do not hesitate to use your own car! Indeed Disney parking is free for all guests of the hotel. It is an exclusive advantage for our customers. In order to benefit from this adavantage, you just need to show a card with your room number that will be given to you at the reception desk.

    As you may have understood, do not miss the new show Mickey and the Magician that will give you even more happiness during your family stay at Disneyland Paris!
    Further information on Disneyland Paris website.