Here are some fun facts about the breakfast at Explorers Hotel … Explorers Hotel

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Here are some fun facts about the breakfast at Explorers Hotel …



Breakfast – the meal that is essential for starting your day

At Explorers Hotel we consider that it is vital to eat a hearty breakfast in order to recharge our batteries, especially at Disney® where we pass intense days filled with excitement and emotions. According to nutritionists breakfast should represent from 15 to 20 % of adult energy needs and from 20 to 25% of child and teenager energy needs.

That’s why breakfast is automatically included when you reserve a room at Explorers. To satisfy all the adventurers worldwide, the hotel management work very closely with the head chef and his team to propose a variety of quality products that are suited for all the tastes buds and cultures around the world in unlimited quantities!


A well-oiled machine for a shared moment of pleasure 

This summer each morning our Plantation Restaurant has welcomed between 1200 and 1400 people for their breakfast, when the hotel is at full capacity this number can mount up to 1700 people. With so many mouths to feed our team works flat out to ensure that the buffet is constantly refilled guaranteeing that our guests have everything they need to start their day.

To make sure that a maximum level of comfort is kept and to help a nice flow at the buffet, we distribute coupons with time slots to each guest upon arrival at the hotel, each family can choose the time they wish to take their breakfast. When it is breakfast time all you need to do is to give your coupon to the restaurant staff to be greeted and seated. This procedure is very important to avoid having a mass of guests waiting at the same time to be seated and to eat their breakfast, hence the interest for our clients to present at the Plantation Restaurant at their chosen time slot.


An impressive amount of food quantities

Can you guess the volume of food consumed by our clients at breakfast?

For example no less than 115 00 croissants, 110 000 pains au chocolate and 130 000 breakfast rolls where consumed in the month of June, July and August combined. During this same period our customers also ate close to 1.5 tons of cereal, 500 kilos of chocolate powder, more than 1 ton of butter and strawberry jam and almost 23 000 yoghurts.

Not forgetting the fresh fruit! With more than 3.7 tons of pineapple, 3.6 tons of watermelon and 3.4 tons of melon devoured we can officially confirm the success of these delicious fruits during the summer period. Each day tens of kilos of fruit are peeled, cut and prepared by our chefs in order to fill you up with all of the precious vitamins that you need for the day. In fact most of the dishes proposed by our head chef are home made with fresh seasonal products.

On the savoury side more than 2 tons of ham and nearly 1.3 tons of cheese were gobbled up during these 3 summer months.

How about you, what do you eat for your breakfast?