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Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris: A hotel that takes care of the environment (Part 2)

As promised, here is a new article about our commitment to the environment. In our latest news, you discovered what the Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris does to reduce its waste, increase recycling, reduce its paper consumption and limit printing, and buy in a responsible way.
This week, let’s discover together how the Explorers Hotel tries to reduce its water and electricity use.

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Explorers hotel at Disneyland Paris


The Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris: our water use


We all know that water has become a precious resource that we need to protect. At the Explorers Hotel, we have understood that. That is why we have imagined simple actions and have chosen new systems to reduce our use. For example, this is what we already do:

  • All our water points (flushs, taps, showerheads, etc.) have been equipped with economical systems to limit the water flow and reduce our consumption by 6 to 9 litres per minute. A significant saving!

  • In our restaurants, water pitchers are only served on request to avoid water waste.

Electricity: An energy under control

At the Explorers Hotel, we also are careful with our electricity use. With this aim in view, we commit ourselves to respecting the environment with simple and global actions:

  • All our windows are double-glazed so that the insulation is optimal and the heating is reasonable.

  • The Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris hosts also meetings and has 5 meeting rooms in this perspective. All our meeting rooms are equipped with power-saving lights or LED lamps.

  • Corridors and public toilets are equipped with motion sensor lighting. Lights only work when detecting a person or a group of persons. The rest of the time, they are off.

  • Outdoor spaces are equipped with dusk sensor lights that only work when sun goes down. Lights fit all seasons!

  • All room TVs have been changed and are economical LED screens.

  • Our heating systems have been replaced by power-saving convector heaters that have presence and open-window sensors. Convectors maintain an optimal temperature when our guests are present and automatically stop when a window is opened.


The Explorers Hotel is concerned by air pollution

From this point of view, we encourage our employees to use public transport rather than take their personal car. We refund 50% of their transport tickets to employees and we do not pay them petrol expenses.

In our next article, we will show you that the Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris also supports social actions and we will see which ideas we are thinking about to reinvent the future.
To be continued…