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The end of the renovation is almost here!


Since 2013 Explorers Hotel has made many changes to improve the level quality and comfort of the services provided to our guests. These renovations to our rooms and our public areas have allowed us to really show the full potential of the hotel. At this point when we are so close to the end of all the renovation work, we would like to share some information about these past 2 years and also a couple of testaments from some of the people who helped make all these changes possible.


2 years of intense hard work and effort from our maintenance team

Our technicians have worked relentlessly during these past two years to help achieve the gigantic task of renovating the entire hotel under a very precise and extremely strict timetable.

Philippe our Assistant Maintenance Manager has the following views about the work accomplished by him and the whole team:

Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers “We have had to put a new organisation in to place for our service which stuck as closely as possible to the renovation planning. We followed the planning down to the last detail to ensure that all rooms were delivered on time and on honour for our clients once the work was completed. The organisation also covered our daily activities as we wanted to keep the standard of our everyday service going strong and not be impacted by the extra work load we had.”


The maintenance team were at the heart of the action during this period and were directly involved in what became a rather special project – a group mission to get the renovation finished and respect all deadlines. This mission was managed by Aurélien Ramet and was brought successfully together by him and all his team – Philippe, Pascal, Christopher, Rancia, Alain, Dominique, Jean-Bernard, Kenol and Antoine.


Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers Rancia one of our maintenance technicians who has been a part of the team for just over a year now tells us proudly “I think that I have installed over 400 radiators alone during the renovation!” He also went on to tell us how challenging the deadlines were, “at certain points throughout the renovations we had over 60 televisions to install with a time frame of only 4 hours to ensure that the room would be ready on time for our customers! That was a huge challenge for us!”


Reinforcing the fun side of Explorers hotel to create a paradise for the youngest adventurers

The renovation started with the public areas to create a more modern and colourful environment, bringing our public areas back to life and help to create pleasurable family moments. The opening of the XD cinema in December 2013 was one of the biggest changes we made. The XD cinema is a dynamic attraction that is unique to any hotel in France – who would have thought that you could experience such an innovative attraction without having to leave the comfort of your own hotel!


Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers
Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers


Once the public areas were completed, the renovation was then moved to our rooms. We blocked entire floors of the hotel off to public access to ensure that our customers were never impacted by this work. We wanted to keep the fun alive for the children by continuing the pirate theme and lively colours in the rooms and corridors. The change of decoration to our rooms, corridors and public areas ensures that the adventure begins from the moment you enter in to the hotel to the moment you leave it!


Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers
Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers Rénovations hôtel disneyland Paris Explorers


At the same time we changed our logo completely to represent all of the changes and to really celebrate the new fun pirate theme.



So what do you think about all these changes and the new improved version of Explorers Hotel?  Feel free to share your impression and opinions with us via our Facebook page!