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Sir Archibald’s Adventure

Get ready for an adventure with Sir Archibald! To accompany the famous explorer you must find all the equipment you will need for your journey! Explore the web site with your parents and start searching for your accessories…

Sir Archibald de Bacle is ready to leave the port. He has been commissioned by the realm to explore new lands faraway. He has to find Paradépice island. The legend has it that the island is full of unknown spices that will give all dishes a taste of paradise!

It seems like a simple mission! But don’t be fooled, a terrible dragon guards Paradépice island..and no-one has succeeded in defeating it. Sir Archibald has been chosen because he has already fought a dragon… and brought it back as a trophy from his expedition. You might see it when you arrive at the hotel. His growls can sometimes be heard on all the floors. Perhaps you’ll hear them too!

Sir Archibald cannot leave on his own. An acolyte is absolutely essential, a young trustworthy explorer! Bravery and trickery are needed to escape the claws of the dragon and return victorious from the expedition. But Sir Archibald knows that you can carry out this mission and he has chosen you to accompany him!

But you cannot leave without your explorer’s equipment! It will be vital to you in helping Sir Archibald.

Explore the web site with your parent’s help. You should find:

  • A map of the seas to show which direction to take to find the island,
  • A compass so you don’t get lost and to guide you to Paradépice island,
  • A sword that you will need to fight the dragon,
  • A treasure chest for bringing back the spice and the treasures you find on the island.

As soon as you find one of these objects, click on it! You must collect the four objects before leaving for the adventure with Sir Archibald! We’re counting on you!

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